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Uols!!! i know.. i know.. uols excited kan RedBerry buat blog nih? Lalalalallaa.. so am i!! Trasa byk nye nak tulis, yet i just do not know where to START. Parah sungguh.. hahahhaa.. just bear with me please. Mula2 tuh RedBerry nak start terus buat EOTD (eye of the day)/ FOTD (face of the day) tau... tapi tak syok la terus jer makeup diri sendiri. End up uols cuma tahu tgk RedBerry makeup jer. So RedBerry rasa for the first few entries, i would like to share about the basic / theories about makeup. Before i proceed with the entries abt EOTD / FOTD etc... why dun i share with u about a COLOR WHEEL.

Huh??? Color wheel? yeahh i know.. that's my first reaction after reading about a color wheel. Sounds like in a kindergarten. RedBerry pun mula2 tuh blur sgt pasal color wheel nih. Tapi dah byk kali came across. Ye lah, masa masuk kelas makeup dulu, mana la cikgu ajar. Terus blaja camna nak apply makeup. Yg lain tuh sendiri2. Kata cita2 besar, beb.. hahhaa... Kalau RedBerry buat kelas (one day insyaAllah)... RedBerry akan start with the basic / theory dulu. So that, takde lah uols main makeup jer.. tak cool la kan? Kalau uols tahu basic / theory semua ni, then uols boleh play with colors, sesuai kan dengan baju, sesuaikan dengan contact lens. So, ok tak kita start with color theory dulu? *grin*

When u come across about a color wheel, basically it explains about COLOR THEORY. Ingat tak masa kita blaja art class dulu? Cikgu akan ajar what are primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, rite? Color theory is not only for the art classes, it also applies for our daily life - interior design, fashion and makeup. First part, RedBerry akan explain pasal basic color theory and in the second part nanti, RedBerry akan relate ngan makeup. Ok tak, uols?

Now we look at the color wheel. Ok, ni uols kena tahu:

Primary: one color - yellow, red, blue
Secondary: mix of 2 primary colors - orange, violet/purple, green
Tertiary: mix of primary + secondary - red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, magenta.

Kalau uols divide the wheel into 2, u can get one side of warm colors and cool colors on the other side.

Warm - yellow, red, orange and violet/purple
Cool - yellow, green, blue and violet/purple
Neutral - vertical line down the middle of color wheel through yellow and violet.

That's y kalau uols pasan, yellow and violet fall under both warm and cool. This is bcoz they are neutralised by consisting of an equal balance of warm and cool tones.

Satu lagu uols kena tahu pasal TINT and SHADES:

TINT - when mixing of color with WHITE. eg: pink = red + white
SHADES - when mixing of color with BLACK. eg: burgundy = red + black

Waaaahhh... so far so good? Tak confuse apa kan? Semua nye straight forward jer nih. Jom kita tgk color relationship pulak.



it derived from a single base hue, and extended using it shades, tones and tint. Uols tgk color wheel kat atas tuh. It's in one pie slice from the color wheel - Eg. blue color pie with different shades, tones and tint.


It is made of TWO (2) colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Kalau uols tgk the color wheel, the opposite of green is red, rite? Kalau uols tgk blue, the opposite color is orange kan? Kalau uols tgk purple/violet, the opposite color is yellow. Ingat tau. In my next post, uols akan prasan theory ni sgt penting dlm everyday makeup. *grin*

Split Complementary

It is a variation of complementary color scheme. In addition to the base color, it uses the two colors adjacent to its complement. Kalau tadi kita kata green complement red. So in split complementary scheme, green complement red-violet and red-orange. Nampak kan? dari red, it splits into other colors, red-violet and red-orange.


Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. RedBerry selalu refer this as "neighbours". It is believed that these colors match well and create serene and comfortable design. Biasanye kalau kita nak buat eyeshadow pun kita guna color scheme nih. Uols tgk kat color wheel tuh, neighbours of green are blur green and yellow green. So kalau kita campur ketiga2 kaler nih, it create harmonious colors. Agree?


It uses colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. For example,  PURPLE + ORANGE + GREEN. Kalau uols pasan, between each color, they are separated by another 3 colors. Pasan tak? Another example, blue-green + red-violet + yellow-orange. Triad color harmonies tend to be quite vibrant. Kalau buat eyeshadow ni cantik, tapi kena pandai blend *grin*

Yeay! Kita dah tahu pasal color theory. Best tak? Tak sabar nak tahu pasal color theory and how relate it to cosmetics kan? That will be in my next post.

Ok la. See ya in my next entry, lalings!

Till then...a bientot! Stay gorgeous!

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Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Hey ladies!

Welcome to my first ever beauty blog! At last i have a beauty blog of my own. Yeaayy! I am so excited to share my knowledge about makeup and create my very own SIGNATURE LOOK. As most of you know that i have a big dream to get involve in beauty line. To have my own makeup studio and salon is a dream that i wanna to achieve! It's never too late to learn. Never say never to a dream that we have. Agree? *grin*

This is my second blog and it is specifically dedicated for makeup and beauty. I always have a strong feeling that makeup do wonder for each and every woman. It is an ART that has to be learned and practice. Practice makes perfect, right? *chuckle* So in this blog i will share with you my journey in practicing the ART of makeup.

Let's together discover the magic of makeup!

See ya in my next entry!

Till then... a bientot! STAY GORGEOUS!

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